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What many people want is love and a happy relationship.  But what happens when differences emerge and expectations are not met ?  There may be different needs  in terms of closeness and distance, intimacy, money, socializing or children.


Misunderstandings perceived as attacks can lead to feeling wounded which in turn can lead to defensiveness and escalating anger or withdrawal into isolation. Frustration, disappointment and hurt can ensue. Sex becomes problematic or increasingly absent.


Or your relationship is friendly but sexual intimacy is missing, this may be frustrating to one or both partners.


Something can be done to prevent your relationship corroding with bitterness, boredom or indifference. You can learn new ways to communicate and new ways to be intimate that enhance your relationship rather than destroying it.


Separation or divorce need not be the only option.  At least you can give yourselves a chance to understand what lies at the root of your difficulties.  Many people can learn ways to rediscover each other and open their hearts once again to love.


I would see myself as a consultant to your relationship. My role would be to help you understand yourselves better and discover ways of communicating and behaving that help build your relationship rather than destroy it.


I can work in both English and French. 


I am based in NW London covering West Hampstead, Kilburn, Cricklewood, Willesden Green - NW2 and NW6


CONTACT:  Celia  07985 588824 or celia@mytherapyspace.co.uk



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