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Gestalt, a German term for the ‘whole pattern’. Gestalt Psychotherapy is a holistic therapy in that it pays attention to feelings, thoughts, body, behaviour, sensations,  images and dreams. 


It was developed by Fritz and Laura Perls from the 1950s onwards and today is a dynamic, integrative humanistic approach to psychotherapy, organizational consultancy, couple therapy and brief therapy.


Rooted in the aliveness of the ‘here and now’ ever changing moments, it is an excellent approach for developing awareness both of oneself, and of one’s relationships with others.  This brings better understanding, changing perspectives and more choices for living.


At its heart, is the person to person relationship between therapist and client which is built on respect, authenticity and empathy for the client’s way of being. You can expect a Gestalt therapist to be actively interested in you and ask questions that can lead to greater insight.


Change happens because we pay attention to how we are now.  Awareness and enquiry are the key to Gestalt.


Gestalt therapy is a practical and dynamic therapy equally suited to short term or time limited counselling as it is to longer term therapy. It is effective for individual, couple and group therapy.


If you want to have a thorough description of the theoretical basis for Gestalt Therapy go to Wikepedia:



I am based in NW London covering West Hampstead, Kilburn, Cricklewood, Willesden - NW2 and NW6



I am a BACP accredited counsellor and UKCP registered Gestalt psychotherapist and I work in English and French. 


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